The Team

The Bright & District  Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee is a team of elected officials who offer their time and commitment to Chamber members on a yearly basis. The Executive Committee works tirelessly to organise events, research business trends and secure knowledgeable presenters who offer valuable direction to Chamber members. 

The Chamber has a voluntary Executive Committee made up of President, 2 Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer. The rest of the Committee is made up of one nominated representative from each of eight sub-committees. The committee meets monthly. Members are welcome to attend.

The Executive is responsible for all financial and contractual commitments of the Chamber – if you need to make a purchase, pay an invoice, collect money from members or commit to a contract or agreement, it should go through the Chamber Executive and be part of the reporting to members that is included in monthly Chamber meetings.



Tom Smith

Vice President 

Elisa Bertuch


Angela Bradbury


Brendan Holland

Executive Members

Rod Porter

John Lowes

Stephen Gilliver

Administrative Manager

Lisa Grossman

Bright Markets