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From the President's Desk

Welcome all to the official web site of the Bright & District Chamber of Commerce. Bright for many years has been a vibrant and growing town, steeped in history and tradition, rich in its diversity coupled with an ever changing and increasingly sophisticated attitude. The Chamber encompasses a vast range of business and community interests and is involved with many issues which involve the concerns of its members and the Bright & Districts business community as a whole.

The Chamber is a business forum that provides the leadership and empowerment to encourage and facilitate opportunities that benefit the business community.

The Bright & District Chamber of Commerce welcomes all business operators in the area as members.

The more businesses that are represented in our membership the greater our advocacy weight with both local and state government bodies.

Our networking base allows members to interact on both a business and personal level, also to participate in Chamber sponsored activities and events.

We hope this website helps us to get closer to our local business community. This web site showcases the activities, achievements and people making up the Bright & District Chamber of Commerce.

I invite you to familiarise yourself with the Chamber’s site so as to discover how the Chamber can be of benefit and relevance to you and your business.  



Tom Smith

Bright Limousines

2016/17 Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals

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